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Norm’s Gourmet Snacks are a hand-packed, handmade taste of heaven. Our pork rinds are keto-friendly, diabetic approved, zero-carb; high-protein snack jam-packed with flavor.

As a kid, I lived on my grandparents’ quaint farm in the prairie plains of Oklahoma. Life was slow back then. Growing up on the farm meant that I shared in all the chores of the farm to include making cracklings over our wooden stove. 

This is where I was introduced to and fell in love with cracklings and pork rinds. Every time I make a batch of pork skins it brings back wonderful childhood memories. 

Fifty years later, we still follow the same painstaking process for our authentic, uniquely-flavored pork rinds and snacks.   I travel to different regions throughout the year to deliver our pork rinds to customers who can’t seem to get enough. After being hunted down for our pork rinds, we created this online store to satisfy the ever-growing demand of our customers. 

So, from my family to yours, welcome home—we know you came for a taste of heaven.

Norman Handley
Norm, pictured here, fills bags that he carries to the farmer’s market in Kansas City each week. Norm cooks the pork rinds and pork cracklings in his commercial kitchen in Fort Calhoun.

Picture by Enterprise Media Group, Blair, Nebraska 68008