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Norm’s Gourmet Snacks & Sauces

Norm’s Gourmet provides gourmet products to food enthusiasts that are hungry for a taste of heaven. We provide flavor-indulgent, diet-conscious snacks to the masses and offer products that are keto-friendly and diabetic approved.


  • Pork Rinds are $5.50/bag plus shipping
  • Cracklings are $3.50/bag plus shipping included

Minimum Order: 3 of any bags per order

Pork Rinds Benefits:

  • Keto “Friendly”
  • Atkins “Friendly”
  • Diabetic “Friendly”
  • Gluten-Free “Friendly”
  • High Protein “Friendly”
  • “0” Carbs “Friendly”
Norman Handley
Norm Handley has been making pork rinds and pork cracklings for decades. He’s pictured here with one of around 400 bags he fills up nearly every week. Pictures by Enterprise Media Group, Blair, Nebraska 68008